Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

1. What do we do?

Social Media Likers deals with gaining traffic on public Instagram profiles by acquiring new followers.

2. How can we help your company?

We can help your company by generating traffic on your public profile by acquiring new followers. Thanks to such endeavors, the image of your company will gain in value and attractiveness for potential clients of your company.

3. Are our services legal?

Yes of course. First of all, we only offer legal methods of acquiring additional followers of your profile. What’s more, we use only the proprietary network, thanks to which we offer our clients only observers with real accounts, belonging to normal people. In short, there is no time to lose, get new followers today!

4. Are our services secure?

We provide PREMIUM services, which is why we can guarantee 100% security. In addition, each customer receives a 30-day warranty on the number of additional observers ordered, which further emphasizes the high quality of our services. Unlike the competition, we do not propose followers from the so-called black market. As a result, this very often leads to the account being completely blocked, which then can never be recovered. Therefore, we advise against using unregistered services, cheap brokers.

5. Are our services durable?

Yes, because all traffic generated thanks to our company comes from real users who are active and regularly publish content.

6. I want to know more about the 30 day warranty.

Each of our services is covered by a 30 day warranty. At first, the service may be unstable and this is normal. However, with time everything returns to normal and observers use it forever. The 30-day warranty is the guarantee for the customer. The warranty applies only to the immediate implementation of the service, also known as “Instant execution of the order”.

7. Do you also operate on markets other than Poland?

Initially, we offered our services only on our home market, i.e. in Poland. We currently sell our services worldwide.

8. Do you need to enter your Instagram profile password?

Absolutely not! If a company requires you to enter a password for your profile, it means only one thing. Your profile will be dragged into an illegal (Instagram blocks such networks and its accounts sooner or later) account networks that send each other likes. In a word, your profile will like 1000 other posts and will follow the profiles of others and in return will receive the same. OUR COMPANY HAS NOTHING TO JOINT WITH THIS TYPE OF PROCESS.

9. Do we also provide services for private (non-public) profiles?

No, our services can be bought and used only on public profiles, i.e. those that are visible to all Instagram users. You can buy our services as an individual or as a company.

10. Why has my order not yet started or why has not my free followers been added to my profile?

Each order must be added by our employee, also an order for free followers. We work from Monday to Friday from 6-18, so when the order is added on the weekend you need to be patient and wait until Monday.

11. Can I change my profile name when using Social Media Likers?

It is possible. In this case, you must notify your account manager before changing the profile name, providing the date and time of the change and a new profile name. Our employee will note such a change and confirm receipt of such an order, then you can easily change the name of the profile.


1. How can you buy our services?

Our services can only be purchased on our website. Everyone can do it – private person or company. The payment is processed by the Polish operator of fast online payments – Przelewy24. For foreign customers, we recommend payment by credit card, using a Stripe broker.

2. Do you issue a VAT invoice?

Yes, every transaction is completed by receiving a VAT invoice to the email address provided on the order.

3. Is there a payment option in the subscription model?

We plan to introduce such functionality due to the great interest of our customers in this solution. We will inform you when this option is added.

4. Can I count on discounts as a regular customer?

Of course, write to us at We will think something!